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How to set up custom domain for my links?

Here is how to set up custom domain for your links
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  1. Do not create your links until you connect your custom domain onto the platform.
  2. Your links will not work if you create it before connecting your domain.
  3. Lastly, don't install SSL on your side until we tell you because this will mess up the procedure.
  1. Don't create any links yet as they will not work with the custom domain. You have to connect your domain first.
  2. Go to Cloudflare and create an A record for the domain/subdomain you want for your links/pages and have it direct to this IP Address:

  3. Don't turn on the clouds. Make sure the clouds are gray, and it says 'DNS only'.
  4. Go to the custom domain page on our platform and add your domain/subdomain without the 'http/https' prefix. Ignore the instructions listed on the page.
  5. We will then connect your domain to our server/application within 12 hours and activate it
  6. Once you see the word 'active' next to the domain name you are able to create links with it

  7. Create a link and preview it. Your link should load just fine 
  8. Make sure to check with a private window/tab as cache may conflict with your link not redirecting properly with your custom domain
  9. If the link loads fine. Go back to cloudflare and turn on the cloud so that it's orange and says proxied

  10. Don't forget to also enable the 'Always Use HTTPS' setting so that your visitors don't get the SSL warning
  11. Your links should now load fine with https

If you are having any issues please feel free to contact us via our chat widget on the bottom right of the page or via our support email.

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